Thursday, 21 June 2012

I know I've been a bit crap AGAIN, and not updated my latest actions ! So since uni's out I've just been doing some photo shoots, pretty fun I must say. So I'll show you that first :) 

Model- James McElvar
Make up- Justine McPherson 
Stylist- Myself

Weather was superb! Too bad I don't tan well though :( Out all day sweating my pants off and didn't get a tiny bit of a tan , boohoo... I'm looking forward to working with James and Justine again though, it was fun and we did get a lot of awkward stares around the West End of Glasgow.  WELL that was our summer; came and gone already.  PPPPSSSHT . I can't wait till Hong Kong :) 

Anyway- Hope you guys like the pictures, for more images from the shoot please visit my Facebook page - Suzanne Li Photography

Ciao for Nao xxx