Saturday, 31 March 2012

Framing life...


Well kinda.... just moved out of Galashiels which took quite a lot of effort, not sure where all the junk even came from... the thing that sucks the most though? Is that I'm moving back home to a single bed , to a box size room and to a moany MAW ....

Quite sad about leaving Galashiels though , stayed there for 3 years but decided to commute from home next year...

Finished my uni work today too.. well some of it ! I have a lot of photo's to stick up! Can't wait to get them up :) i feel like my blog, photography page and Lookbook is a bit empty and boring.  Anyway heres the first :) <3 xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Paris in Feb 2012

So i decided to load all my pictures from the phone to the computer, got around 2000 odd images and thought it be worth while mentioning my trip to Paris in February.  This trip was really meant to be an educational one, but we didn't do much of that as you can see from the images! The best thing has got to be the random night to a random club. Although too many creeps about :S... 
Wish I had a bit more money also, I spent a lot but on what? Bits and bobs of bull shit... 
But overall I don't think I love this City at all, been the first time when I was about 16?  Wasn't keen and this time it was just freezing.  Or maybe I didn't like it that much because I had no monieeessss :( 
 ( i figured this is a pretty shit entry but oh wells ) 

Monday, 19 March 2012

What I did on a Monday 19th March ....

I'm actually stressing but i still don't feel the pressure ! Which is bad, got less than a couple weeks to get everything sorted then we're kinda finished for the summer :P ALMOST ... one exam in April then HOLIDAY TIME ! How jammy :)

So today went down to the local park, Strathclyde Park.. lovely place to shoot, got your good old lakes and rivers, theme park, little shelter hut thing and some grass :P 

The shoot is part of a project for that i have to do... and the theme is " Lola's Dream" what i'm trying to do is create a dreamy, happy and fun atmosphere... cause Lola dreams of happy things :P 

Without the help of my dear friend Jason, then it would have taken me ages and I probably  would have stood on some more glass and jaggy nettles along the way :( I was SOOOOO gutted when my one of my 6 balloons POP'D! Then one SLIPPED away :( and that was at the beginning of the shoot! 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday 18th - Judy's Vintage Fair

Today's Mothers Day - Happy Mothers Day, hope you's had a great time going out with your mums, grans, aunts etc etc... It was a beautiful day for everyone.

Today I didn't do anything with mum, we had dinner last week as she had to work today :( 

Went to meet my friend for some great catch up and to visit Judy's Vintage Fair! I wish i spent longer there and if i had more dosh i would have bought a lot more than I did! 

For more information on Judy's Vintage Fair around the UK heres a link: 

I had just managed to get to the one in Glasgow ! Thank god , and it was totally worth it , entrance was only 1$ ( wheres my pound sign ?!?!?!) and without a student card its 2$ ... i'm afraid the Scotland's Fair are over until APRIL 21st ! SO GET THAT DATE IN YOUR DIARIES ! oh and the location- Edinburgh. This time round its the Vintage Kilo Sale where you can pay as little as 15 pounds for a Kilo of clothes! BARGAIN! 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hong Kong in December-January

Fished out some photos of Hong Kong from December last year.  I went for a short break and to take some stock photos for a company in Hong Kong, it was a really fun job/experience actually; basically all I had to do was my hobby :)  It was kind of "work" who can complain though! Taking pictures in Hong Kong as a job! <3 ... for more pictures please check Suzanne Li Photography on Facebook

Have a lovely weekend guys :) 

Just picking out some photos to post...

So its been months since I've actually blogged anything so i'm just going to dig into my photos and find something interesting from the past few months....

MY BIRTHDAY CAKE .... find any mistakes? My name isn't Suki :p ... was quite a weird fancy cake and to be honest? I hated it ... it tasted like shit ... 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

... and todays the day I pick up blogging again :) Lazy Shit

So just to let you know i'm BACK. I'd like to keep at this and i hope i do, but im being truthful here. I'm a lazy piece of ..... . Anyways I have started up a new photography page on Facebook please take the time to visist