Thursday, 12 April 2012


So some of you may have noticed that I have started to upload some pictures on to LOOKBOOK.


  • It's like an online diary of fashion styles/looks from people all over the world.  A place where everyone can show case their own unique style from fashion students, photographers, designers to just anyone who also use it to get inspired by.
I just wanted to share with you an interest, please take a look at LookBook and I would recommend you to join if you love blogging, fashion or styling ! 

Here is the latest Look by me .... don't judge man I know the eyes are baggy.... -_- ..... :p 

                                                                    Good Day Readers :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

H&M recent Purchase

Hi all again , two posts with in the hour !

:p haha..

About H&M I don't usually buy jewellery there because I never find anything that interesting... and personally I don't wear a lot of jewellery and because when I buy one thing i'll lose it easily or damage it!

But I found these products and I absolutely adore them , I will look after them with all my heart!

John Lennon/Hippy style Sunglasses, and yes you saw it right! 50% off :)  3.50 !  <3 these to bits ...

Gold Leaf Bangle, all you do is pull apart and opens up with ease. 6.99, :)

Silver gem'd up Panther ring, one size, (stretches) 6.99... 

Ok the other best buy, multi chain earring... but I bought it as collar tips and its so simple to put on,  :) BARGIN as a multi use product at 2.99...

Crappy Post That Might Make you guys feel DEPRESSED...

Good day all ,

Not for me, went to the bank for the 2nd time this week
First time - Extend the over draft to 1200 ..
This time ... to check that i had 131 quid taken out for ORANGE - ya bastards
and loads of other shit taken out for :(  WHAT.THE.HELL MAN,...

Another reason why i'm feeling like i want to cry all day and punch walls and just create drama is because I'm lazy.  I have an exam soon, but I wont study... just don't want to ...

And another reason ... Because I have no inspiration

And another... because I spent 60 odd on a wireless flash trigger and lost the tiniest part that puts everything together, but I can't buy that damn spare part so maybe i've to pay about that much again .. even if its not 60 but 30 40 is a lot just cause i lost that wire!!!

Oh and another ... I hate the iPhone autocorrect ... i type FUCK its fine .. no red squiggly line .. i type Fyck its got that line .... so why not auto correct that for me ?! but instead they auto correct crap that doesn't have to be ... and when I turn it of . well... I just get my self more frustrated cause I can't spell... I usually type with no commas or full stops and i talk really backwards .... =/ I try harder with my grammar on blogspot :) I'm so nice....

and just to make this less depressing .. heres a picture of my baby boy TIGER

Been drippled and drooled on while i sleep, oh and he's never been washed... even though it looks as if he has ( cause usually this is how a washed toy looks like ) .. did i disgust anyone ? Aw come on ! 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I've been loving my food :p....

Silly post about my cravings.  I have a brides maid dress to fit into... it was fine a few months back but now  I actually can't zip it up well i can JUST manage to get my back flaps in but when i breathe in i hurts and i have to walk about in a weird position.  Anyway! I decided I need to keep fit and eat less shit ...* the amazing blueberry cheesecake from TESCO only for 2.75 * the cup cakes * the macdonalds ( which is hard cause I've started collecting those monopoly stickers and i'll buy a macdonalds cause I want those stickers) * PBJ sandwich! NOOOOOO:(....

Thing is ... as soon as I put my mind on losing some pounds to fit my dress.... I actually did more of the opposite ... I didn't stay the same as before and eat normal crap but instead i ate abnormal crap .... like more crap .... more than ever before crap.... can't control it ... I mean just look!