Tuesday, 2 October 2012


WWOOOOO , This is actual late/old news!

I'm sorry I didn't update earlier! Well last week the photo shoot for James McElvar were shown on  www.fashionising.com  <<<< CLICK

Was so happy ! I'm so gutted I didn't tell you all earlier though ! Not to worry , there still up there somewhere!

Fashionising blog is so inspiring, they are constantly reminding me of the up to date trends for every season! I also loved all the photo shoots shown on their site, makes my own work look so bad beside theirs though ! :(

Anyway thats me today :) I've taken a few screen shots of the site below :)



Monday, 24 September 2012

Wedding Photography

Weddings are brilliant aren't they ? Beautiful inspiring one of a kind events. I love attending them too, the vibe is simply brilliant.  I love being at a wedding in a photographers point of view, just being able to capture these special moments for the couple is possibly one of the best jobs ever! Weddings are all so unique , their efforts on layout and locations tell me a lot about a couple , like a story that they have created in their minds from when they were little .... well for the girls.

I recently began shooting some weddings throughout the summer and hope to be shooting more! Would I want to be a wedding photographer in the future - of course, I'm in love with everything to do with a wedding apart from planning,if I had to.  Anyway ... as you may all know by now, I'm so bad at writing .. :( I keep my sentences simple, a little too simple.  But then again people still get confused by it! 

Ciao for nao :) 

First set - June and Paul
Second- Debbie and David 

All the best for the couples , wishing them a very happy life together forever! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Start of Term - End of Holidays :(

Hey Y'all! :P 

Long time no blog! So I'm pretty sad my holidays are over now :( not only that but its the beginning of my 4th year at Uni , that means dissertation year, that means tons of work needs to be done, that also means .... no life until i'm finished :( GUTTED FOR ME ! 

You probably don't want to see all my posts of my holidays just now :P , instead i'll show you a recent shoot I did , Boho Dream <3 ... 

Model-Ronit Hyman 
MUA- Justine McPherson 
Hair Accessories - Shawtys Charm

If you would like to work with any of  these creatives then you can contact them via my Facebook here.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I know I've been a bit crap AGAIN, and not updated my latest actions ! So since uni's out I've just been doing some photo shoots, pretty fun I must say. So I'll show you that first :) 

Model- James McElvar
Make up- Justine McPherson 
Stylist- Myself

Weather was superb! Too bad I don't tan well though :( Out all day sweating my pants off and didn't get a tiny bit of a tan , boohoo... I'm looking forward to working with James and Justine again though, it was fun and we did get a lot of awkward stares around the West End of Glasgow.  WELL that was our summer; came and gone already.  PPPPSSSHT . I can't wait till Hong Kong :) 

Anyway- Hope you guys like the pictures, for more images from the shoot please visit my Facebook page - Suzanne Li Photography

Ciao for Nao xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Enjoying the British Summer :)

Hello Planet Earth ,

Past week in the UK has been bloody awesome ! When Britain is hot , its like a BIG deal! And I can see why ... we are all miserable for about 300 days for the year! So everyone walks about half naked like its 35 degrees even when its 20 or so... I don't blame them at all!

Its been that hot that I actually can't stand it sometimes ... I know ... Im complaining about the heat.. BAD SUZIE ... we need AIRCONS at home!

With this clear weather and heat I've taken the advantage of that by getting some photoshoots done :) been so fun ! I'll have to post them up after Mondays (tomorrows shoot)

First of all I will just bored you with pictures of whats been happening under the summer sun :)

He;s been out to play a lot this week :) 

Something everyone does in the summer ! its a pain in the ass when you got to be all delicate n shiz though! 

minding my own business.

Sushi lunch with best buddy Stephanie and Louise ( there was another plate btw ) 

So chubz now ! And i need to learn how to smile ! being behind the camera makes me forget how to smile!

Lying down enjoying the sun with Anthony Shek in St Andrews SQ Edinburgh :) ... he wanted a mention so here it is ANTHONY SHEK! The greatest person on earth <3 ! xxx

MWAH.. Have a lovely summer now school and colleges are out!! :) xxx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Here comes summer 2012 :)

Hi Everyone :) been a few weeks now ! 

Just want to update on my life so far, not like any of you guys would give crap :P! 

Just finished up uni there, everything is out the way PHEW ! SUMMER 2012 ! WOOP  ~ 

That means I can now get things sorted with my friends wedding .. being a bridesmaid I have been quite shit :/ ! Sorry June ... I'll try give it my all ... that means its only a month till Croatia! CAN NOT WAIT.. We need "Pussy Patrol" on our Tshirts :P 

NEXT - SO summer for me means more time spent with the Boyfriend (Canon BABY) I upgraded from my ex bf 500d to 5d at christmas and I feel quite bad that I have barely used him... He was really useful this week though :) 

Here are some of the images that I've took at Rose Hardy Workshop this week ... she's such a lovely girl ! I will write up a post on Rosie later on :) 

Hope you guys liked them :) There are more images on Suzanne Li Photography (Facebook)

Ciao for Nao :) Love yeeeeezzzz ! xxx