Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013- We're still alive :)

So, we didn't all vanish like some people were saying.  I wasn't really freaking out though, I would much rather not be sitting here doing my dissertation and stressing my pants off!  I'm really quite nervous about it all, the whole " omg it's my final year at uni, what if i fail, what if I don't get a job, what if this, what if that".  But now, I've kind of started to say to myself " take it as it comes babes ", " it's all gonna be all good" then another little voice in my brain says -"will it hell"...... That little voice always doubts me!

Anyway this post isn't all about negativity in my life.  Recent updates of my life here goes- well I had the honour to shoot with amazing Photographer Nina Pang in Liverpool, I've had another cute photo shoot with "Sweet Boutique"too :), then the most amazing thing happened. I got a Christmas temp job, yes I do consider that amazing, I found it so difficult to get a job in the past year so for me to get a job in Prada Glasgow, I was too excited :) It also means I got to work with my love, bags- DROOOL. Christmas and New Year comes, it was a quiet one, but I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones:)  I also turned 23 on New Year.. I'm feeling slightly old now...

Anyway, here are some photo's in order of Liverpool wedding then Sweet Boutique Cake :)

Thanks for reading :) Ciao xxx