Thursday, 26 June 2014


The last time I've uploaded anything was well over a year ago! I am ashamed of myself!
Alot has happened since then ! I graduated with a first class! WOOOP I was in a job for 9 months that I enjoyed a lot and those 9 months ended just this month. I didn't have the time to do what I most loved working full time and major tiring hours! So I left to join a more laid back job where I can still do my research for my photography business :) Just want to share with you today, pictures I took in July 2013 my holiday to China . 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013- We're still alive :)

So, we didn't all vanish like some people were saying.  I wasn't really freaking out though, I would much rather not be sitting here doing my dissertation and stressing my pants off!  I'm really quite nervous about it all, the whole " omg it's my final year at uni, what if i fail, what if I don't get a job, what if this, what if that".  But now, I've kind of started to say to myself " take it as it comes babes ", " it's all gonna be all good" then another little voice in my brain says -"will it hell"...... That little voice always doubts me!

Anyway this post isn't all about negativity in my life.  Recent updates of my life here goes- well I had the honour to shoot with amazing Photographer Nina Pang in Liverpool, I've had another cute photo shoot with "Sweet Boutique"too :), then the most amazing thing happened. I got a Christmas temp job, yes I do consider that amazing, I found it so difficult to get a job in the past year so for me to get a job in Prada Glasgow, I was too excited :) It also means I got to work with my love, bags- DROOOL. Christmas and New Year comes, it was a quiet one, but I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones:)  I also turned 23 on New Year.. I'm feeling slightly old now...

Anyway, here are some photo's in order of Liverpool wedding then Sweet Boutique Cake :)

Thanks for reading :) Ciao xxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


WWOOOOO , This is actual late/old news!

I'm sorry I didn't update earlier! Well last week the photo shoot for James McElvar were shown on  <<<< CLICK

Was so happy ! I'm so gutted I didn't tell you all earlier though ! Not to worry , there still up there somewhere!

Fashionising blog is so inspiring, they are constantly reminding me of the up to date trends for every season! I also loved all the photo shoots shown on their site, makes my own work look so bad beside theirs though ! :(

Anyway thats me today :) I've taken a few screen shots of the site below :)



Monday, 24 September 2012

Wedding Photography

Weddings are brilliant aren't they ? Beautiful inspiring one of a kind events. I love attending them too, the vibe is simply brilliant.  I love being at a wedding in a photographers point of view, just being able to capture these special moments for the couple is possibly one of the best jobs ever! Weddings are all so unique , their efforts on layout and locations tell me a lot about a couple , like a story that they have created in their minds from when they were little .... well for the girls.

I recently began shooting some weddings throughout the summer and hope to be shooting more! Would I want to be a wedding photographer in the future - of course, I'm in love with everything to do with a wedding apart from planning,if I had to.  Anyway ... as you may all know by now, I'm so bad at writing .. :( I keep my sentences simple, a little too simple.  But then again people still get confused by it! 

Ciao for nao :) 

First set - June and Paul
Second- Debbie and David 

All the best for the couples , wishing them a very happy life together forever!