Monday, 24 September 2012

Wedding Photography

Weddings are brilliant aren't they ? Beautiful inspiring one of a kind events. I love attending them too, the vibe is simply brilliant.  I love being at a wedding in a photographers point of view, just being able to capture these special moments for the couple is possibly one of the best jobs ever! Weddings are all so unique , their efforts on layout and locations tell me a lot about a couple , like a story that they have created in their minds from when they were little .... well for the girls.

I recently began shooting some weddings throughout the summer and hope to be shooting more! Would I want to be a wedding photographer in the future - of course, I'm in love with everything to do with a wedding apart from planning,if I had to.  Anyway ... as you may all know by now, I'm so bad at writing .. :( I keep my sentences simple, a little too simple.  But then again people still get confused by it! 

Ciao for nao :) 

First set - June and Paul
Second- Debbie and David 

All the best for the couples , wishing them a very happy life together forever! 

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