Thursday, 18 November 2010

"I'm 3 years older than you, but mentally we're both the same age. 12"

Deep inside , I'm a big child . I love it though , I still like to think I can play hide and seek and pirates with my friends. I do like to run and hide till no one can find me , that's when I know I've won the game, or have I? I hide from the truth and hide when I can't think no more ... It hurts me brains whn I think , ( air head Suzie )
"what you thinking about Suzie?"
"nothing " I'd reply
"god sake Suzie u can't be thinking about nothing"
( actually I can just sit and think about NOTHING ... Haha
sticks and stones can break my bones
but fake friends and dip shits can get to f*ck?

I wish I never have to grow old , I wish i was still at primary school! Chasing around beating up boys , ( yes I did pick fights , but ended up getting battered ) life is so different now , there are good things and bad ... But I still try remain positive ... How do
I do it ? Playing hide and seek is one thing .. Or just ... Be 12 again :)

Toodaloo muthafukaaaaaaa

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