Monday, 19 March 2012

What I did on a Monday 19th March ....

I'm actually stressing but i still don't feel the pressure ! Which is bad, got less than a couple weeks to get everything sorted then we're kinda finished for the summer :P ALMOST ... one exam in April then HOLIDAY TIME ! How jammy :)

So today went down to the local park, Strathclyde Park.. lovely place to shoot, got your good old lakes and rivers, theme park, little shelter hut thing and some grass :P 

The shoot is part of a project for that i have to do... and the theme is " Lola's Dream" what i'm trying to do is create a dreamy, happy and fun atmosphere... cause Lola dreams of happy things :P 

Without the help of my dear friend Jason, then it would have taken me ages and I probably  would have stood on some more glass and jaggy nettles along the way :( I was SOOOOO gutted when my one of my 6 balloons POP'D! Then one SLIPPED away :( and that was at the beginning of the shoot! 


  1. Beautiful photo.
    Is the photo in your banner part is this shoot too?
    Just perfect!

    1. hey there :) thanks for reading :P it is indeed same shoot. i will have more pictures up soon.. :P will take a look at your blog now :) xxxx


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