Thursday, 5 April 2012

I've been loving my food :p....

Silly post about my cravings.  I have a brides maid dress to fit into... it was fine a few months back but now  I actually can't zip it up well i can JUST manage to get my back flaps in but when i breathe in i hurts and i have to walk about in a weird position.  Anyway! I decided I need to keep fit and eat less shit ...* the amazing blueberry cheesecake from TESCO only for 2.75 * the cup cakes * the macdonalds ( which is hard cause I've started collecting those monopoly stickers and i'll buy a macdonalds cause I want those stickers) * PBJ sandwich! NOOOOOO:(....

Thing is ... as soon as I put my mind on losing some pounds to fit my dress.... I actually did more of the opposite ... I didn't stay the same as before and eat normal crap but instead i ate abnormal crap .... like more crap .... more than ever before crap.... can't control it ... I mean just look! 


  1. mmm these pics are amazing!
    love food :)

  2. I'm sure it's the gorgeous cupcakes that should get my vote but really it's the egg sarnie that does it for me- yum!Rx


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