Monday, 28 May 2012

Enjoying the British Summer :)

Hello Planet Earth ,

Past week in the UK has been bloody awesome ! When Britain is hot , its like a BIG deal! And I can see why ... we are all miserable for about 300 days for the year! So everyone walks about half naked like its 35 degrees even when its 20 or so... I don't blame them at all!

Its been that hot that I actually can't stand it sometimes ... I know ... Im complaining about the heat.. BAD SUZIE ... we need AIRCONS at home!

With this clear weather and heat I've taken the advantage of that by getting some photoshoots done :) been so fun ! I'll have to post them up after Mondays (tomorrows shoot)

First of all I will just bored you with pictures of whats been happening under the summer sun :)

He;s been out to play a lot this week :) 

Something everyone does in the summer ! its a pain in the ass when you got to be all delicate n shiz though! 

minding my own business.

Sushi lunch with best buddy Stephanie and Louise ( there was another plate btw ) 

So chubz now ! And i need to learn how to smile ! being behind the camera makes me forget how to smile!

Lying down enjoying the sun with Anthony Shek in St Andrews SQ Edinburgh :) ... he wanted a mention so here it is ANTHONY SHEK! The greatest person on earth <3 ! xxx

MWAH.. Have a lovely summer now school and colleges are out!! :) xxx


  1. your style is amazing


  2. Oh how I miss making daisy chains for our wrists and heads in the field in primary school ;_;

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x


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