Saturday, 5 May 2012

Here comes summer 2012 :)

Hi Everyone :) been a few weeks now ! 

Just want to update on my life so far, not like any of you guys would give crap :P! 

Just finished up uni there, everything is out the way PHEW ! SUMMER 2012 ! WOOP  ~ 

That means I can now get things sorted with my friends wedding .. being a bridesmaid I have been quite shit :/ ! Sorry June ... I'll try give it my all ... that means its only a month till Croatia! CAN NOT WAIT.. We need "Pussy Patrol" on our Tshirts :P 

NEXT - SO summer for me means more time spent with the Boyfriend (Canon BABY) I upgraded from my ex bf 500d to 5d at christmas and I feel quite bad that I have barely used him... He was really useful this week though :) 

Here are some of the images that I've took at Rose Hardy Workshop this week ... she's such a lovely girl ! I will write up a post on Rosie later on :) 

Hope you guys liked them :) There are more images on Suzanne Li Photography (Facebook)

Ciao for Nao :) Love yeeeeezzzz ! xxx


  1. Love this post! One day I want my own amazing wedding!

    1. then you'll know who to look for to take your pics then ;) lola

  2. Sweet pictures! I love it that you refer to your camera as your boyfriend. I really need a new boyfriend


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